Impressed with its taste 
of sweet and sour♪

50Y / Female

I have tried so many types of collagen that my friend makes fun of me by calling me a collagen fanatic. When compared to another brand of collagen, Sweet and sour taste of Shirayuki Collagen impressed me the most. It is so delicious that I must drink continuously. When I am wearing makeup, my makeup doesn’t quickly come off. The skin is smoother and more firm. Skin pore looks smaller. It is good feeling when I can feel these quick and good changes.

Deep lines are thinner My skin became smooth and elastic.

40Y / Female

After I drank Shirayuki Collagen for 3 days, it is effective! Deep laugh lines around cheeks are disappeared. I feel my skin is smoother and brighter. People around me said I looked younger. I have tried many types of collagen and, to be honest, I didn’t feel that my skin was much better but I feel my skin is much better since the first time I drank Shirayuki Collagen.(^-^)

Refreshing, easy to drink and delicious!

40Y / Female

As compared to another beauty boosting drinks, Shirayuki Collagen’s package is easy to open because it is its package is stick pack type and easy to throw away. For me, I think that is an important point. Collagen has no smell and taste of pomegranate is refreshing and easy to drink. Taste after drinking is also good♪After melting collagen into water, the water color becomes pink. It is impressing. Presently, I feel my skin look brighter and more glowing. I am on diet at the moment. My skin always looks dry and not glowing but I will wait and see the result after drinking this and I will tell about the result later.

“Your skin looks young”Greeting from people.

40Y / Male

My wife introduced this collagen to me and I started to drink together with her. Recently, ladies at my company often said to me “Your skin looks young”Ladies is so sensitive to changes that it makes me feel like a winner.

To wake up in the morning with glowing skin makes me feel so much confident.

40Y / Female

I have been drinking less than a week but I can feel the changes. Every morning, I wake up with glowing skin. It makes me feel much confident. Other people always asked me “Did you go to any beauty-treatment clinics or do anything? Your skin looks glowing.” I told them I’m just drinking Shirayuki Collagen. ♪
Good taste is one reason that makes me to like to drink.

Sunburned skin became glowing and elastic.

56Y / Male

I have been playing golf for many years. My skin always gets sunburned. Dry skin and getting wrinkles too early is quite troublesome but my skin became glowing and elastic again after I drank Shirayuki Collagen for 2 weeks. After 1 month, the wrinkles around neck and flabby skin aren’t much noticed so that people said I always looked young. With refreshing taste, even a man like me can also drink Shirayuki Collagen.

※This is an individual impression. Practically, there are individual differences.


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