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 COLLAGEN 6,000mg、Natural pomegranate、Vitamin C、L-Carnitine L-Tartrate、Natural tomato extract Lycopene、Glutathione、Coenzyme Q10  

    An essential beauty nutrient for skin“Fructo-oligosaccharides”

    Fructo-oligosaccharidesIt is natural oligosaccharides from the enzyme synthesis from dietary fiber or glucose.
    It is a sugar substitute which doesn not cause you to put on weight because it passes through the large intestine without the digest food in the gastrointestinal tract.
    Fructo-Oligosaccharide increases the numbers of bifid bacteria in large intestine and helps large intestine work properly.
    Segmentation contraction and excretion will be better. It has good effects on skin health.


    Essential “Dietary fiber” ! for beauty health combined

    Dietary fiberDietary fiber is known as a nutrient that helps relieve constipation.
    When you have constipation, wastes are stored in your body for long time.
    It results to inside of the large intestine getting worse and brings bad results to you both physically and mentally.
    It caused skin problems such as dry skin and rough skin.
    Dietary fiber can help relieve this problem.
    To have dietary fiber gives better results inside the intestine system and excretion.
    It can also help reduce skin problems such as dry skin.


    Taste of juicy natural “Pomegranate”Fruit of Beauty

    PomegranatePomegranate contains Ellagic acid that is mostly used in skin whitening cosmetic.
    because Iit fully contains Vitamin C which helps to lighten your skin.
    Pomegranate contains plenty of Potassium which helps decrease edema.
    Polyphenol has an anti-aging property.
    Moreover, pomegranate has a component which is similar to female hormone.
    It helps balance your hormones. Rich natural pomegranate extract is used for Shirayuki Collagen.


    Ingredients from “Vitamin C”Essential for health and beauty

    Vitamin CFruit fully contains Vitamin C.
    As it says “Fruit in the morning is gold”, Shirayuki Pomegranate Collagen has ingredients from Vitamin C which are essential for health and beauty.
    Vitamin C is necessary in natural collagen producing in our body so we can say that Vitamin C is a true friend of Collagen.
    Moreover, vitamin C are soluble in water Some which cannot be absorbed to the body will be excreted in the urine.
    Our body cannot store it, so we need to compensate regularly.


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