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About point system


We are providing Point System.


After you register our membership (My Page), pints will be issued for each shopping.
Accumulated points are available in the shop at one point = 1 baht after the next time.
※ POINTS is a common PC site smartphone site.


『In addition to the "shopping at point", the service such as "point check" and "e-mail magazine delivery" are available♪


How To Use

When the point of use, please log in to My page always.。
(Aslo can login at the check out - payment screen)
In the shopping cart checkout screen, please use for chossing the point use or not.

●● Point issuing rules ●●
Point reduction rate
Usually 1%
Point issuing the usage target
Total amount (tax included)
Point issuing the subject at the time point use
It will be issued for the balance after point use
Handling of the decimal point
Truncation point below
Expiration date
24 months from the end of the purchase and use



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